The Clubbell Buyer's Guide

I want to begin Circule Strength Training®. Which Clubbell® weight and materials should I purchase?

Ask your physician permission to begin this type of strenuous and circular resistance exercise. Physically fit adult males get started with the Big Book of Clubbell® Training, the Encyclopedia of Clubbell® Training, and a pair of 15lbs. Clubbells. Physically fit adult females get started with the Big Book of Clubbell® Training, the Encyclopedia of Clubbell® Training, and a pair of 10lbs. Clubbells. For both men and women, these weight selections have been challenging at first but they adapted over the first two weeks or so and some were even ready for a heavier size within the first month or two.

Men with thorough strength training experience and above average strength have begun with a pair of 20lbs. Clubbells and women - a pair of 15lbs Clubbells. Competitive male power-lifters, Olympic style lifters, or experienced Iron Game athletes have begun with a pair of 25lbs. Clubbells. We would not recommend starting with anything larger than 20lbs. Clubbells regardless of your background since you will always use for lighter Clubbells in your training.

I already own my first Clubbell®. Which should I purchase next; another of the same weight or heavier weight?

The usual guideline for adult men and women building a home gym is to own at least one pair of any weight for the complex combination routines and to own at least one each of the 5-25lbs. Clubbells. After that, start over from the bottom, working on your second pair, and purchase another of each weight to complete your gym. Clubbells pairs add variety, challenge and significant gains to your programs. You can and should begin with a pair of Clubbells. Different weights help you progress in strength and fitness.

The exception to this general guideline is the person who is focused more on coordination, agility, and strength-endurance than on explosive/ballistic strength. It is perfectly possible for a male tennis player, baseball player, or wrestler to do all their work with a pair of 15lbs. Clubbells and never use a larger size. It's equally fine to stop with a pair of 20lbs. Clubbells, though the physiological and psychological benefits of incrementally increasing heavier weight should not be underestimated. Some people prefer to own the heaviest Clubbells they can manage, even if for only low repetitions.

What about the 45lbs. Clubells?

No one will use all weights immediately, so in that regard you only ever begin with one particular weight of Clubbells. However, these questions only comprise a general guideline. There is no way to compare with dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells weights, since Clubbells involve not linear strength, but elicit the unique three-dimensional, multi-planar development known as Circular Strength Training®. Therefore, without a certified instructor or coach present, you must guess which weight you can handle. The advantage of purchasing a Clubbell® Total Gym or Clubbell® PRO Gym is the ability to personally discover which weight you need to start; plus you can as work incrementally as possible through each weight division immediately as your strength and fitness skyrocket. Additionally, you will save a considerable amount of money in both cost and shipping by outfitting your personal home fitness with a complete Clubbell® gym.

Anything else I should purchase?

Intu-Flow® - as one of the 3 Wings of CST - is an incrementally progressing, joint mobility and joint health program which you should do every day for at least 15-20 minutes daily. This is your ticket to longevity, freedom of movement, and pain-free activity. You will find these benefits and this degree of benefit no where else, as it is the original and most sought after head-to-toe, core-to-periphery, bones-to-skin longevity health system. This is critical to your Clubbell® Training as it helps you Clean the Slate of pre-existing superfluous tension, aches, pains and impediments which if not cleared become reinforced through any type of exercise.

Prasara Body-Flow™ - as the final of the 3 Wings of CST - comprises a system of re-compensation: a proprietary method of unwinding the specializations which occur whenever you adapt to a specific exercise. This system to be performed as a warm-up, an off-day dynamic relaxation activity, or a stand-alone fitness approach helps you balance your health so that your fitness always returns to homeostasis - never to tight or loose in any one direction. You will find it a critical ingredient to combine with Clubbell® Training.

Can I use lightweight Clubbells with Intu-Flow® and Prasara Body-Flow™?

Intu-Flow® instructs exactly how the 3 Wings of CST fit perfectly, synergistically together, including answering this question. As long as one follows the guidelines of Circular Strength Training® written in Coach Sonnon's book, you have your physician's clearance to specifically do so, and you reasonably assess that you have no pre-existing conditions which would be aggravated by the activity, you can explore the more creative aspects of this system.

The Clubbell certification was extremely informative. As a trainers, we have many approaches to fitness, but being able to implement something as dynamic and beneficial as clubbells just makes the training we can offer that much stronger. The clubbell certification instructed by Coach Jones was great. It emphasized proper technique providing various progressions and modifications to suite a vast range of fitness levels. I am able to use what I learned from coach Jones with any and all of my clients. This certification is a good tool for all trainers to have, or even for those who just want to get a better understanding of club bells in general.  -Tess Kovit

I really like your web site. I forwarded it to a lot of friends who still can't figure out what I'm doing now that I quit the gym. -Robert Cremers

Since learning and getting certified on the clubbell certification months ago, I have had an opportunity to try some of the techniques Ive learned. As a professional MMA fighter, it has definitely improved some of my training routines. I find I have more grip strength, which is needed in my sport. I have also noticed an increase in core strength as well as mobility in my shoulders. Also a useful tool in MMA.

Aside from my own training, I have also started using the clubbell for my more advanced personal training clients. This has been a great way for me to mix up their workouts and make them a little more interesting and fun.

I would like continue learning more clubbell movements and techniques. In a short period of time I was able to expand my training and overall fitness using a tool that has so many dynamic aspects to it. -Joey Bareng

The clubbell certification was great!  I learned a lot of new exercises & combinations that I can use with my clients.  It was very hands on, so i didn't get confused at all and the instructions were very clear as to what we would be learning.  I especially liked the progressions of the movements & exercises because I could use them with my clients who are all at different levels. -Joanne Luat

I found the Clubbell workshop very informative and helpful.  Even though I had a previous certification in the Clubbell system, I learned a lot of new information from Coach Jones.  Some of the teaching progressions and techniques had changed.  I appreciate J Janero's effort to provide continuing education to the staff by bringing in top fitness professionals like Coach Jones.  This keeps all of us current on the latest techniques and developments so that we in turn can provide the best service to the clients.  I would recommend the RMAX Clubbell Certification to all trainers. -Steve Maxwell