"I ran into a Kali instructor at a local Middle Eastern resturant. As we were enjoying our hummus and kebobs we started to talk about kettlebell and Clubbell swinging. He knows about CST but I think his friend taught him with the wooden clubs. He wanted me to try the wood so he had his friend bring a couple pair over to my Jiu Jitsu school. I was happy about his kindness in sharing and it was fun to try traditional wooden clubs.

After using the Clubbell, there were a lot of benefits I was missing while using the wooden clubs. I could not get the same intelligent grip or micro load as I can with our Clubbell. I also noticed that I did not get the same feeling of traction we get as the shape of our handle is different. I did not get the feel of the club pulling through my hand." -Kyle Rourke, CST, CST-KS, TACFIT

"Thanks. We love the Clubbells for baseball training for both pitchers and hitters. The exercise program works well for developing grip strength and rotational power both of which are vital for baseball players." - Charles Slavik, NSCA-CPT, ISSA-YFT President, Eagle Baseball Club, LLC Tampa Bay's Finest Baseball & Softball Training (Tampa, FL, USA)
"Clubbells are excellent for combat athletes to develop and improve specific strength & endurance." - Coach Stephen Maxwell, World BJJ Champion & World SOMBO Champion (CA, USA)
“I am enjoying the Clubbell training very, very much. I am a military history enthusiast, and am delighted that every time I pickup my clubbells for my workouts it is as if I am connecting with those warriors of old from India and Iran (Persia). I am a practitioner of both Pentjak Silat and Filipino Kali, and I can very confidently state that clubbells and Intu-Flow have both impacted my performance in a very positive manner. Gone are the stiffness associated from disjointed weight lifting; working one body part at a time. I love the double benefits of strength and endurance training that I get from my clubbell workouts. Worth every dollar spent. Clubbells now constitute the main form of resistance training for me.” – Amir Talib (Jalan Utara, BRUNEI DARUSSALAM)
"I've since been experimenting with them [Clubbells] for about a month and a half and have noticed viable non-related performance enhancement within my job activities as a SRT Police Officer. I feel the leverage based grip enhancement has allowed me to maintain both a firmer, yet more relaxed grip in my firearms training, as my personal clubbell training tends to move in the same direction as felt recoil, with the end result being more accurate fire. Furthermore, after being on an operation three nights ago, I did not feel the fatigue normally associated with posting on a door with a long arm in the ready position for over and hour, due to some of the static hold training that I've been trying. Will clubbells make me bigger? I don't know or care. I made the conscious decision to focus on practical performance goals rather than aesthetic appearance when I realized that being bigger simply meant more target area for my adversary..."  -  Devon Reynolds, SWAT Tactical Officer (CA, USA)
"I'm very impressed by the quality, weight and design of the Clubbell."  - Harry Fuller, U.S. Secret Service National Fitness Coordinator (Washington, DC, USA)
"Well made and useful.." - SFC Matt Larsen, Director of the Modern Army Combatives Program (MACP) and the Commandant of the U. S. Army Combatives School (USACS) (Ft. Benning Georgia, USA)

“If you want THE tool to help you exploit your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses, learn to master the Clubbell” - Robert Metz, Sergeant Major, US Army (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)

" I am seeing my Clubbell opening up a new corridor of fitness. It is very different from any type of exercise I have done before. The heavy circular motion stress the shoulders in a positive way. Once I get my wrists stronger this thing will fill in gaps the kettlebells miss. It's nature is different from anything else I have worked with." - Chuck Fair, RKC, Information Systems & Airborne Infantry (USA)

"I've always believed that hand and grip strength is directly related to "heavy hands" or how hard you can hit your opponent and my training partners are definitely feeling the effects of the Clubbells. The Clubbell has replaced all of my traditional weight training, and I'm hitting much harder than ever.  If you're looking for the key to your chosen sport then the Clubbell is definitely the way to go!" - Egan Inoue, 2X World Racquetball Champion, 2X World Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Champion, NHB Champion (Halawa, Hawaii, USA)

"The Clubbell is the most integrated workout tool I use to train for fitness competitions. I love how much it hits my abdominals. Every exercise originates from my power house: a very real way of working out by creating skill & form in a functional manner." - Holly Rustick, 2003 Ms. Fitness Hawaii, Ms. Fitness USA Contestant  (Hawaii, USA)
"I want to say that CST is the hands-down best health and fitness system for the martial artist or MMA athlete! " - Ryan Williams, XFO (X-Treme Fighting Championships) MMA Champion (Moberly, MO, USA)
“...use the same Clubbell and continue to improve your strength, endurance, and coordination. The limit here is your imagination.” – Coach Wayne Fisher, former Navy Driver and Training Specialist (Hawaii, USA)

”Clubbells seem to have a more Three Dimensional feel to them than simply pressing a weight up and then back down along a linear path of motion. These are multi-joint movements that require complete Core Activation to perform them properly. Clubbells are the next evolution in my Physical conditioning!” – Coach Bill Cogswell, USA Storm Combat Club (Virginia Beach, VA, USA)
"If you've looked at athlete's strength routines for any period of time, you'll notice that one of the most neglected areas of training is grip strength. I've seen massive bodybuilders of 240lbs+ of solid muscle who do pull ups with wrist straps. Take those straps away and they can barely muster one pullup. The constant overemphasis on the "showy" muscles involved in the pullup/pulldown has created an athletic imbalance. Their forearms/hands simply can't the weight that their lats, teres major, rhomboids, and biceps can. This is further exacerbated by being obsessed with the amount of weight they can pull. They utilize the lifting straps and break the pulling chain at the grip. This is a big no-no for practical strength. Clubbell movements address this issue. You have to engage your grip in every Clubbell exercise. This ensures that an athlete's strength develops in a balanced manner- the whole pulling chain of the upper body is equally stressed. Injuries due to muscular imbalance (adjacent and/or antagonistic muscles being weaker) are prevented and a balanced strength development occurs with no weakness in the chain. As a grappler and climber, this is a godsend to supplement training with intense grip work" - Jeff Higgs, BJJ Black Belt (San Diego, CA, USA)

"CST has changed my life. I trained bodybuilding for 23 years, coached three bodybuilders to Taiwan national champions and one Asian cup 10th place. 4 years ago Body-Flow and then Clubbells totally changed my paradigm of exercise. I now train CST exclusively. I still have a complete free-weight gym in my 4th floor. Great paperweights. I owe you a huge debt of gratitude. Thank you for your inspiration. Sincerely," - James Linn (Tali, TAIWAN)

"CST is the best thing since sliced-bread" - Dale Moss, CST, Soldier (Ellisville, MS, USA)

"I used to be an Aerobics and Fitness Instructor and really struggled with the "no pain, no gain mentality" and the lack of relationship to Body, Mind and Soul... I was looking for wholesome, unconditional, holistic movement. Moving because it is a joy to move, not because I want to get somewhere fast!! Coach Scott and Circular Strength Training fascinate me!" - Nadia Krauss,  Medical Wellness Trainer (GERMANY)

"My praise for you, your team, and your program is genuine. ... CST is the only program available that I believe offers me the chance as a human being, to be better off physically, emotionally and spirtiually at the age of 65, after 21 years of practicing its' priciples... CST shines the light on the path to mastery, rewards and encourages beginner's mind, and provides a forum for collective growth creating a environment where the sum is greater than the parts." - Mitch Simon, D.C. written for Lee's Summit Journal. and Saturday's Kansas City Star (Kansas City, MO, USA)

"CST puts us on a path of true athleticism. CST builds us useful and healthful strength...CST is the formula which will be with me for the rest of my days. So many things can be CST. And CST can be so many things. The deeper you go, the more exciting it gets. And that just makes you want to go deeper still. What makes CST so special? You could spend a lifetime searching for the answer to that question, and just when you think you have the answer, and the journey is done, you will see something new to draw you around the next corner." - Adam Steer, CST Head Coaching Staff NSCA-CPT (Pont-Rouge, Quebec, CANADA)

"The main thing that continues to blow me away is how CST caters to the individual in the most direct, efficient way possible. Instead of being a series of working towards abstract goals of fitness, such as being able to work up to a 300 lb bench press, CST seeks to ask "What is it that YOU NEED to work on?" and then provides the road map for getting there." - Sean Flanagan, CST (Upton, MA, USA)

"Why is CST different? Because this is the only system that softens and hardens your Body, Mind, and Spirit at the same time." - Edwin Y. Falconi, M.D., CST (Quezon City, PHILIPPINES)

"I explored CST's many aspects, and concluded that I needed Scott Sonnon's teaching about 40 years ago. Well, better late than never. I am now a CST instructor..." - James H. Auerbach, M.D. (Santa Fe, NM, USA)

"I have been using clubbells for years and love them!" - SGT Matthew Lewis (Baghdad, IRAQ)
"My team ans I have followed your clubbell [training] for the past three years now and use them to agument our training with KB's as well as other stuff that I have to do for our Quarterly PT standandards. I'm a Federal Air Marshal based in Detroit . Due to our mission my team members and I are always looking for the cutting edge type of training." - Robert Goewey, RKC, AKC (Toledo, OH, USA)

"CST is different in so far as it considers the health and performance of the whole organism, not just its ability to perform XY or Z or to look a certain way. The goal of CST is optimum health and performance of the entire human body (and mind) as an integrated system. Other fitness systems tend to focus on certain attributes and train them exclusively without considering the side effects of that training. Any training produces a set of outcomes. Some of those outcomes are desirable, others are not. If a fitness system fails to recognize, and counter-condition, the non-desirable outcomes then it is an incomplete system, and will, over time, disintegrate the health of those that participate in it. The core CST principles of "health first", "tabula rasa", "compensatory exercise" and "intuitive training" ensure that the CST athlete will be balanced and healthy across the board. They will be "fit for life" - not just "fit for XY or Z". " - Nick Pentland  (Lisburn, U.K.)

 "This has been said by other people about earlier seminars but I left wondering why I waited so long to attend. In three days the coaches went over everything that I'd managed to figure out from the books and videos and got me doing it better than when I started." - Steve Ames, CST (Lafayette , IN, USA)

“A real eye opener! As a long time fitness professional it’s easy to think you’ve seen it all. Not the case. This 3-winged process offers real insight into areas of health/fitness that are largely ignored by conventional methods (the status quo). Realizing that seminar represents a beginning, I look forward to implementing what I have learned into practice with my clients and in my own training. Hopefully this will infiltrate the current dogma of today’s training.” - Doug Slinker, MS CSCS (Kansas City , MO, USA)

"If a person is planning on certification or not, a CST seminar is immensely valuable". - Adam Skogen, CST, NASM-CPT (Parker, CO, USA)

“If you ever thought that Clubbells don’t work your legs, you need to go to a seminar! The seminar was really well structured and it has given me a completely new appreciation of how well the 3-Wings of CST work together. I will without a doubt become a better athlete by applying what I have learned.” - Christian Norgaard, CST (Malmo, SWEDEN)

"For those who have not been to a seminar, please consider going. You will not be disappointed. All the things we say are nice, but some things have to be experienced to be believed or understood." - Dennis Haggard, CST (Thousand Oaks, CA, USA)

“This is so much more than I ever hoped for. Fun all the way. I didn’t have one minute that was boring or that felt unnecessary. Really super! So deeply impressed!!! The material and the Staff Coaches make it fantastic.” - Ola Lindblom, CST Coach,  Lic. International PT (Torslanda, SWEDEN)


"Thank you breaking down the current trends and thinking that are detrimental the strength and fitness in our country and first of all myself." - Reynaldo Rivero, Personal trainer (Pembroke Pines , FL, USA)

" Overall an excellent investment in health for sure." - Constance Brown, CST (Beaverton, OR, USA)

"Clubbells are an untapped + unmatched method of training with a wide range of applicability. Thank you for one of the best seminars I've ever attended." - Adam Cronin, Personal Training Manager, Equinox Fitness Club (New York, NY, USA)

"Overall an excellent seminar. It completely turned around the way I look at CST. Informative, inspirational and thought-provoking. I’d thoroughly recommend it." – David Nicol, CST (Glasgow, Scotland , U.K.)

"CST seminars are the Holy Grail to my education. Formal college and education rarely touch the depth and content that CST practice gives to me. Even though I will be continuing my formal education the CST program is the evolving race and the eggheads of PhD’s with pompous attitudes are the dying dinosaurs." – Jesse Fairbanks, CST (Corvallis , OR, USA)

"In one word: Incredible! The Coaches walked us incrementally into performing feats many of us thought impossible. The pace was grueling, but I learned a lot." – Soheil John Ward, CST, Personal Trainer, (Bellingham, WA USA)

"I learned so much in those 3 days that I think I’ll have to reprogram my body and mind in order to achieve future goals. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us."  – Alberto Gallazzi, CST, Company for security training professionals (Busto Arsizio, ITALY)

"This was an excellent educational experience and I would recommend this seminar to anyone willing to accept a new paradigm concerning their health."   – Donald G. Ferguson, CST Construction business owner (Indianapolis , IN, USA)

 "This seminar has been one of the most significant achievements for me physically in 30 years – when I received my jump wings from Airborne School.” – Luis A. Arranaga, CST,  Diplomatic Courier Liaison (Mexico City, MEXICO)

“The entire seminar was well done and adapted yet getting done what was need for quality production of Instructors. Complete coverage of full body. The small manageable groups and switching of instructors was great. Everything was great...” - Renaldo Novoa Jr., Martial Art Instructor (TRINIDAD and TOBAGO)

“Loved it. The focus on health and wellness as part of the prerequisite and continuum of fitness were highly relevant. Lots of great ideas and concepts for athletic development in a balanced, healthy way. Small groups with rotating instructors was a GREAT way to do it. All very knowledgeable. Scott you are a real visionary in application of movement skill, Wellness, and Sport. Innovative, very reflective, and highly relevant. There is no better conceptual structure for accommodating health and athletic performance into one training framework.”- Matt Schwartz,  Software Engineer (Santa Cruz, CA, USA)

 "...outstanding learning experience.” - Billy Cook,  Doctor of Optometry (Midland, TX, USA)
"Excellent, a terrific seminar. I found it to be the best strength & health event that I have attended. Great learning & great fun." – Matt Jones (USA)

"My confidence in handling the Clubbells significantly improved. I now have the tools to go deeper in my process of discovery where I need to clean my slate and recover, develop personal programs to Coordinate and Sophisticate my movement potential." – Joseph Schwartz, CST, Bodyworker/Inventor/ Manufacturer (Wimberley, TX, USA)


“The seminar was a mind-blowing event!  It's a must for anyone who wants a healthy, active life!” - Asif Rafeek, Teacher (Midland, TX , USA)


"Fun. Challenging. Transformative. Life-affirming. Intense. Joy through Movement and Strength and Poise. What is presented here is nothing short of a toolbox filled with instruments of positive change. Very Inspiring. I’m sure I don’t even know how much I’m taking away from this weekend, but I know it will continue to percolate for quite some time." – Kevin Cooper, DC,  Sports Chiropractor, Trainer, Flexibility Specialist (Norwood, MA, USA)

"Simply incredible! A fantastic, mind-blowing adventure! Getting all the personalized tips & instruction was invaluable and it was great meet + socialize with many great people. The pacing and breakdown enabled me to accomplish more in a weekend than I have in a month (maybe two); I feel very confident that I can use almost everything I learned immediately." - Jason Erickson, CST, ACE-PT, NCTMB, Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor and Nationally Certified Massage Therapist (Burnsville, MN, USA)

"Hands down the best fitness seminar I've ever been to. This seminar is not "instructor certification mill". ...If you ever have the privilege, "swing on over" for one of the most comprehensive and intelligent fitness courses out there" - Thomas Grow (FL, USA)

" It's not only appropriate for those who want to be CST instructors. It's good for anyone who wants to transform their physical and mental being" - Brent Johnson (Cleveland Heights, OH, USA)

"This CST has been an amazing refinement and evolution of my CST and Clubbell know-how and ability.  I feel like my ability to teach CST in its entirety and Clubbells specifically has improved in so many ways it would take hour to list it all.  CST  is the most complete and informative seminar. An incredibly rewarding experience!  CST will open doors, and change some of your preconceived notions about yourself. You can't put a price on that kind of growth." - John H. Myers (PA, USA)

"This is one of the best seminars I have ever attended.  There was nothing else that can compare to the depth of knowledge that Scott Sonnon imparted to the class during the seminar.  It changed my whole attitude towards training... I learned so much information from Scott Sonnon's seminar it was unbelievable.  Scott's knowledge of human anatomy and performance training shown through throughout  the entire seminar.  I learned more from Scott Sonnon in one weekend than I had expected, which was a lot, and just being around Scott Sonnon lifts you up a notch and takes your performance to a higher level.  With all of the knowledge you gain from him you will truly take your training to a very high level. Scott Sonnon Delivers" - Chris Rubio, Certified Personal Trainer, RKC (Gaston, OR, USA)

 "Coach Sonnon has a unique way to instill the knowledge he wants to teach in a way which we have to discover it ourselves.  He is there to teach and support but makes sure it is us who make the discovery. Anyone who wants to increase the quality of their life  and have the opportunity to share this special and unique gift to others, needs to come to one of Coach Sonnon's seminars.  It was an honor and a privilege to be part of such a special seminar." - Charles Sproule, Therapist The Nautilus Clinic (Truro, NS, CANADA)

“Worth every penny!  I can't wait until the next seminar!” - John Wolf,  Mortgage Planner (Monterey, CA, USA)

“Hands down the BEST seminar I have participated in!” - Rufus Rankin (Raleigh , NC, USA)

 “I have gained so much from this seminar!  Yes, it was very hard work but very worth it. I was very impressed and pleased with this ultimate learning experience!” - Jenny Frey (PA, USA)

The Clubbell certification was extremely informative. As a trainers, we have many approaches to fitness, but being able to implement something as dynamic and beneficial as clubbells just makes the training we can offer that much stronger. The clubbell certification instructed by Coach Jones was great. It emphasized proper technique providing various progressions and modifications to suite a vast range of fitness levels. I am able to use what I learned from coach Jones with any and all of my clients. This certification is a good tool for all trainers to have, or even for those who just want to get a better understanding of club bells in general.  -Tess Kovit

I really like your web site. I forwarded it to a lot of friends who still can't figure out what I'm doing now that I quit the gym. -Robert Cremers

Since learning and getting certified on the clubbell certification months ago, I have had an opportunity to try some of the techniques Ive learned. As a professional MMA fighter, it has definitely improved some of my training routines. I find I have more grip strength, which is needed in my sport. I have also noticed an increase in core strength as well as mobility in my shoulders. Also a useful tool in MMA.

Aside from my own training, I have also started using the clubbell for my more advanced personal training clients. This has been a great way for me to mix up their workouts and make them a little more interesting and fun.

I would like continue learning more clubbell movements and techniques. In a short period of time I was able to expand my training and overall fitness using a tool that has so many dynamic aspects to it. -Joey Bareng

The clubbell certification was great!  I learned a lot of new exercises & combinations that I can use with my clients.  It was very hands on, so i didn't get confused at all and the instructions were very clear as to what we would be learning.  I especially liked the progressions of the movements & exercises because I could use them with my clients who are all at different levels. -Joanne Luat

I found the Clubbell workshop very informative and helpful.  Even though I had a previous certification in the Clubbell system, I learned a lot of new information from Coach Jones.  Some of the teaching progressions and techniques had changed.  I appreciate J Janero's effort to provide continuing education to the staff by bringing in top fitness professionals like Coach Jones.  This keeps all of us current on the latest techniques and developments so that we in turn can provide the best service to the clients.  I would recommend the RMAX Clubbell Certification to all trainers. -Steve Maxwell