About RMAX

RMAX is a global wellness corporation offering products designed around the Health First and Forever philosophy through an innovative approach called Circular Strength Training®.

Circular Strength Training (CST)

CST focuses on prehab and post-rehab, and consists of pain-free mobility, dynamic flow yoga, and natural athleticism.

The Three Rings of the CST system can be performed individually, or as a complete program to achieve the best possible results.

Ring 1: Intu-Flow® Mobility Wellness

This flowing, intuitive harmony of simple movement, structural body alignment, and simple breathing, assesses and addresses areas of weakness. Intu-Flow brings needed nutrition to connective tissue to oil the joints, and revive natural abilities and movement. Intu-Flow provides:

  • Deep relaxation and tension release
  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Enhanced joint mobility and sensory awareness
  • Superior athletic performance

Ring 2: Prasara Yoga (Six Degrees of Freedom)

Prasara provides counterbalance to the body through dynamic flow, thus compensating for positions adopted during daily routines or prior activities. Prasara represents the 3rd mode of Hatha yoga, incorporating both Asana, or postures, and Vinyasa, or breath linkage. Prasara's "flow" moves the body through all "Six Degrees of Freedom" - its full potential grace as a three-dimensionally energetic being:

  1. Heaving: Moving up and down
  2. Swaying: Moving left and right
  3. Surging: Moving forward and back
  4. Pitching: Tilting up and down
  5. Yawing: Turning left and right
  6. Rolling: Tilting side to side

Ring 3: Clubbell® Athletics (Swinging Weights)

Use of RMAX's patented weighted bats breaks up restrictive adhesions and calcium deposits around joints, releases bound tension, generates energy and vitality, increases bone density, and prevents injury. Clubbell Athletics:

  • Advocates swinging moderate weights instead of lifting heavy weights
  • Provides three types of resistance
  • Delivers maximum balance of mobility and stability
  • Corrects balance of tension on joints and muscles

Founder and COO

Scott Sonnon

  • Honourable Master of Sport
  • International Youth Conditioning Association, Board of Directors
  • National Active Aging Conference, Primary Presenter and Advisor
  • Internationally Acclaimed Yoga Teacher and Author
  • USA National Martial Arts Team Coach and Champion


Atlanta, Georgia USA

On the web: www.rmaxinternational.com

The Clubbell certification was extremely informative. As a trainers, we have many approaches to fitness, but being able to implement something as dynamic and beneficial as clubbells just makes the training we can offer that much stronger. The clubbell certification instructed by Coach Jones was great. It emphasized proper technique providing various progressions and modifications to suite a vast range of fitness levels. I am able to use what I learned from coach Jones with any and all of my clients. This certification is a good tool for all trainers to have, or even for those who just want to get a better understanding of club bells in general.  -Tess Kovit

I really like your web site. I forwarded it to a lot of friends who still can't figure out what I'm doing now that I quit the gym. -Robert Cremers

Since learning and getting certified on the clubbell certification months ago, I have had an opportunity to try some of the techniques Ive learned. As a professional MMA fighter, it has definitely improved some of my training routines. I find I have more grip strength, which is needed in my sport. I have also noticed an increase in core strength as well as mobility in my shoulders. Also a useful tool in MMA.

Aside from my own training, I have also started using the clubbell for my more advanced personal training clients. This has been a great way for me to mix up their workouts and make them a little more interesting and fun.

I would like continue learning more clubbell movements and techniques. In a short period of time I was able to expand my training and overall fitness using a tool that has so many dynamic aspects to it. -Joey Bareng

The clubbell certification was great!  I learned a lot of new exercises & combinations that I can use with my clients.  It was very hands on, so i didn't get confused at all and the instructions were very clear as to what we would be learning.  I especially liked the progressions of the movements & exercises because I could use them with my clients who are all at different levels. -Joanne Luat

I found the Clubbell workshop very informative and helpful.  Even though I had a previous certification in the Clubbell system, I learned a lot of new information from Coach Jones.  Some of the teaching progressions and techniques had changed.  I appreciate J Janero's effort to provide continuing education to the staff by bringing in top fitness professionals like Coach Jones.  This keeps all of us current on the latest techniques and developments so that we in turn can provide the best service to the clients.  I would recommend the RMAX Clubbell Certification to all trainers. -Steve Maxwell